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Landscape Design
From analysis to post-construction evaluation

The team at Elaia Ibiza has over 35 years of combined experience in landscaping in many different regions across the globe.

“Our objective is to think like our clients... considering both current and future needs and requirements.”

Observing the growth and development of our different creations and applying a variety of techniques, we have learned from the multitude of cases that today allow us to solve technical details, whether from a conception or design standpoint or as applies to specific projects such as exterior structures, swimming pools or landscape design in general.

Residential and commercial landscaping

At Elaia Ibiza, whether your requirement is residential or commercial landscaping, we will always consider your personal requirements as well as all aspects of your project; this includes a detailed analysis of all factors that could influence your project, such as type of earth, spatial distribution, viability and possible future improvements. Our objective is always based on our clients' needs both current and future.